Openings in 2023/2024

The Kornienko lab is moving to the University of Bonn, Germany. We are actively recruiting new members

Masters and PhD students

Projects within the overall research direction of renewable energy conversion involving metal organic frameworks, electrocatalysis, and spectroscopy are available. Your own ideas are welcome too! Interested prospective students are encouraged to get in touch early. 

Postdoctoral Researchers

We are welcoming postdoctoral researchers from a variety of backgrounds into the lab. If interested, please email with a CV and research interests and potential funding sources to sponsor you.

Potential felloswhip opportunities:

Any nationality: Marie-Curie Fellowship

      Humboldt Fellowship

     Sculumberger Foundation

  Canada: Banting Fellowship

Germany/Austria/Switzerland: Leopoldina Fellowship

              Walter Benhamin Programme

Japan: Overseas Fellowship

China: CSC Fellowship